On Monday, September 15, Senators Bill Nelson (D-FL) and Jim Inhofe (R-OK) introduced a resolution (S. Res. 660) calling for an expansion of the U.N. arms embargo on Sudan. This legislation is a critical step toward stopping the arms flow fueling the genocide in Darfur.

According to a 2005 U.N. Security Council resolution, the government of Sudan may not transfer any weapons into Darfur without prior approval from the Security Council. Despite Khartoum’s brazen defiance of this requirement, countries like China continue to sell weapons to Sudan.

As the flow of weapons into Darfur continues unabated, it is clear that the current arms embargo is not working. The Senate resolution calls on all states to end arms sales to any armed actor in Sudan and urges the U.S. to seek an expansion of the arms embargo to cover all of Sudan, not just Darfur.

Please call your senators today to ensure their support of this bipartisan bill.

To find your elected officials, please enter your ZIP Code. If you live in a split district, you may need to enter your full address.

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My name is [First Name] [Last Name] and I'm from [City], [State]. I'm calling to ask [insert your Senator's name here] to co-sponsor Resolution 660, introduced on September 15. This legislation condemns the continued flow of weapons to Sudan and calls for the U.S. to seek an expansion of the current United Nations arms embargo. Cutting off the supply of weapons to Sudan is a critical step toward ending the violence in Darfur. Thank you.*

*If your senators are already co-sponsors of the resolution, be sure to thank them. You can also ask them to urge their colleagues to co-sponsor the resolution and ensure its swift passage.

In addition to the bill’s original sponsors, Senators Nelson and Inhofe, co-sponsors of the resolution as of September 16 are: Barbara Boxer (D-CA); Sam Brownback (R-KS); Benjamin Cardin (D-MD); Robert Casey (D-PA); Hillary Clinton (D-NY); Norm Coleman (R-MN); Elizabeth Dole (R-NC); Dick Durbin (D-IL); Russ Feingold (D-WI); Orrin Hatch (R-UT); Johnny Isakson (R-GA); John Kerry (D-MA); Joe Lieberman (D-CT); Mel Martinez (R-FL); Robert Menendez (D-NJ); and Olympia Snowe (R-ME).

Thank you again for standing with the people of Darfur.