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Almost three years ago, AJWS with your support marshaled its resources to stand in solidarity with the people of Haiti and our Haitian partners as an earthquake devastated their country. Governments pledged billions of dollars to support disaster relief, reconstruction and development. In response, AJWS launched our Reverse Hunger campaign to change our aid policies that harm the very people we seek to help.

We’ve seen some real progress. INSERT GRANTEE STORY (so and so is doing x, y and z). The U.S. has committed to get more aid dollars to reach people and communities at the local level. The Senate passed a new Farm Bill with significant progressive reforms to our antiquated food aid program that would help local communities in the developing world grow and consume their own food.

But there is much more to do. While 400,000 Haitians remain in squalid camps, the country still can’t feed its own people. U.S. assistance still goes too often where our government wants it to go instead of where Haitians need it. And worse, as we get farther and farther away from the day the earthquake shook Haiti -- January 10, 2010 -- our leaders are forgetting their promises and their commitment to the Haitian people.

It’s up to us to make them remember.

AJWS is joining with other development and humanitarian organizations to collect letters from across the nation to give to the presidential candidates. These letters are the evidence that the American people still care deeply about what happens in Haiti and that we demand our leaders to do more.

Please write a personal letter to President Obama and Governor Romney. It will only take 15 minutes or less to add your note to hundreds of other letters to be delivered to the presidential campaigns with the demand that the people of Haiti cannot and must not be forgotten. They need to know that you care about the people of Haiti and their ability to grow their own food and have enough to eat.

We don’t want you to just sign a form letter instead, we’re asking you put into words what you feel in your heart.. Tell the candidates who you are and why you are taking the time to write this letter. Tell them why you care about the people of Haiti, their right to food and the responsibility of the U.S. to be a good partner in promoting local agriculture and changing policies like our current food aid system that undermine Haitian farmers. Tell them that Haitians should control their own destiny and the U.S. must work to include Haitian community organizations in setting development priorities and plans. Tell them you haven’t forgotten your commitment and that you want them to do more.

Please add your text in the box below.

This letter will be compiled with letters from other organizations. The contents of this compilation including your name, city and state will therefore exist in a public document.


Dear President Obama and Governor Romney,

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