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Don’t let Congress put 30 million hungry people at risk!

Earlier this fall, Congress allowed the U.S. Farm Bill—the legislation that governs the vast majority of our country’s food and agriculture policies, including international food aid—to expire. As a result, Congress is delaying critical food aid reform that will enable hungry people around the world to feed themselves.

But the stakes just got a whole lot higher.

If Congress continues to drag its feet, the money that exists for emergency food aid will run out in 2013. This could put up to 30 million hungry people around the world at risk.

We need to remind our legislators why they came to Washington: They came to make a difference for Americans and people around the world. Ending global hunger is not a Republican issue or a Democratic issue. It’s a human issue. And, for us, it’s also a Jewish issue. Let’s make sure our elected leaders hear that loud and clear.

Join us in calling on your member of Congress to protect and reform food aid—now and for generations to come.

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Subject: Pass the Farm Bill without delay

Dear Congress,

Up to 30 million people are depending on you to pass the Farm Bill.

By delaying action, you're jeopardizing tens of millions of men, women and children around the globe who rely on emergency food assistance in times of crisis.

Moreover, you're missing the opportunity to create a more efficient, effective food aid system to get more food to hungry people when they need it and to ensure that the world's most vulnerable people have the food they need in the long term. By adopting the Senate's food aid provisions, you could accomplish all of this without making U.S. taxpayers pay an additional dime.

As someone committed to bringing an end to global hunger, I urge you to find a way forward for food aid reform and the U.S. Farm Bill without delay. This isn't a Republican issue or a Democratic issue. It's a human issue, and our great country must act.

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