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Tell Your Senator: We MUST Save Lives through Food Aid Reform

Last year the Senate passed a Farm Bill that would have saved more lives through small, but important, reforms to food aid policies. These reforms would help enable people in the developing world to grow crops and feed themselves, rather than rely on food shipped from the United States. Had this bill become law, our food aid dollars would have gone further in feeding many more people, without costing American taxpayers an extra dime. But Washington gridlock got in the way and, instead of a new Farm Bill that would save more lives, we wound up with an extension of outdated existing law.

The legislative process around the Farm Bill may be back at square one, but the movement to reform our broken food aid system is stronger than ever, thanks to you.

With only a few months before Congress must take action on the Farm Bill again, the Obama Administration is making a passionate plea for reform, by helping local people worldwide who want nothing more than to feed themselves. It’s critical that we keep food aid reform on the congressional agenda and build on the momentum generated by the administration’s support. The Senate made real strides in 2012 and, with your help, we will move the needle even further in 2013.

Join us in calling on your senator to support critical food aid reform, including using our dollars to buy food from local farmers so that people in some of the poorest countries have the opportunity to feed themselves. Let’s finish what we started!


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No moving backward on food aid reform

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